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Why is my lawn Yellow?

To develop a nice green color, most grass types need constant feedings. If you are already feeding your lawn at properly spaced intervals, the soil pH may be outside the optimum range (5.5-7.5). Purchase a soil test at a garden center, then use lime or sulfur to correct pH as needed.

Why is there brown spots throughout our lawn?

This problem may occur for different reasons.

  1. It is normal for lawns to lose their green color during winter. Wait until warmer temperatures arrive to see if the lawn regains its color.


  1. Different species of grass have different rates of green-up. The best way to keep weeds out of your lawn is to feed and water regularly. We can offer you additional help, if needed.


  1. If your problem is only in the shaded areas, realize that no grass will grow in very deep shade. The lawn needs at least 4 hours of full sun, or 6 hours of partial sun to survive. To give areas more sunlight, thin overhead tree branches or plant shade-tolerant grass species. Or consider mulching the area or planting a shade-loving ground covers. Trees will compete with the lawn for moisture, so be sure to keep the lawn well-watered, especially during summer months.


  1. On the other hand, the brown spots could also be a sign of a lawn disease. You need to apply Fungus control to kill a variety of lawn diseases. We can help diagnose your specific lawn disease. Disease controls may need to be reapplied at intervals.


I have a flagstone walkway which is in heavy shade. It has now turned color and is getting pretty black and green with mold. I also have plants in between the stones and don’t want to do anything that would kill them. 
What should I use to clean the flagstone? 

That can happen, particularly with a flagstone walkway that gets little or no sun. You can try one of the following solutions:

  1. Use straight vinegar in a spray bottle. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse with water.
  2. Use a product called Bio Wash. It will not hurt plants and is made to use on stone with Algae, Fungus, etc. problems.

We have a bluestone walkway and porch on the front of our house and want to know how to clean it safely; it is trimmed in brick and looks great, or should I say looked great; the bluestone needs cleaning, because it has darkened and stained through the years. I’m not sure if it is mildew or what. My concern it that I have zoysia grass next to the walkway and plants along the porch and certainly don’t want to harm either one. Thanks in advance for any direction you may be able to provide.
What are your suggestions to get it cleaned?

It is probably mildew. I would try vinegar before using any other checmical.