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Maryland Commercial Landscaping

Surround your property with the right landscape, maintain it well and watch your image soar!  The right landscape can help you attract—and retain—customers or tenants!

Surround your building with plants, trees and beautiful grounds Grow Landscapes will protect your investment.  Tenants and prospects will see the difference!

At Divine Landscaping, Inc. we offer the following commercial landscaping services:

  • Complete grounds maintenance
  • Landscape Design & Masterplans
  • Mowing, fertilization and weed controls
  • Weekly site manager report
  • Horticultural pruning
  • Annual Rotations
  • Design/Installation
  • Snow Removal
  • Weekly site manager report


Commercial Buildings

  • Cut Vacancy Rates
  • Retain Current Tenants
  • Command Prime Rents

Corporate Headquarters

  • Project the Right Image
  • Welcome Visitors
  • Show Employees That You           Care  About Their Environment

Retail Centers

  • Attract High-Profile Stores
  • Generate Customer Traffic
  • Stand Out From Your Competitors

Residential Developments

  • Attract Tenants
  • Protect Your Investment
  • Build a Sense of Community
  • Boost Property Value

Small Business

  • Greet Customers
  • Build Your Image